Eumelia Castro at her studio


I am a self-taught plastic artist. Painting is a fundamental part of my life. Painting is my meditation process; it allows me to CREATE and grow internally by which I live and vibrate.

After a drastic change in my life, I want to break with what I established myself, now I am walking the path of mixed media abstraction. My work is inspired by the beauty and delicacy of women, by nature with its soft and curved shapes, by its bright colors that form fields within my work as if they float in space. Each work is my personal reflection, my emotions, my spirituality, spontaneity, The expression of instinct are present in every work I do. Painting and working without knowing what the result of my work will be is a very exciting challenge for me.

I use oil paints, acrylics, oil pastels, different tools on canvas, cardboard, and paper. With gestures I manifest strokes and with textures I obtain soft and drastic shadows on backgrounds in which the colors mix and blur. The drops and drips that I somehow enclose with sinuous lines as if I am closing stages and circumstances of my life, these drips extend towards the borders of the painting as if they were showing me new spaces to discover.

In my work the viewer is free to interpret the meaning. My work is created to spark curiosity. I want the viewer to experience happiness in an atmosphere of serenity and peace. I believe that my work is the vehicle that allows me to connect beyond words with people.

Eumelia Castro


Eumelia Castro is a Venezuelan artist.  From an early age, she showed interest in expressing herself through drawing, which motivated her to pursue university studies in Advertising and Graphic Design. Once graduated, she worked for more than 20 years as an illustrator and Art Director in renowned Advertising Agencies in Caracas, Venezuela, and in her own Advertising company.

Eumelia has been a self-taught artist who immigrated to the United States in 2002, living since then in Miami, Florida. Emigrating life meant a new beginning from which she has taken advantage to develop and expand her knowledge and techniques about painting in a diverse cultural environment and the availability of various artistic resources. In the field of Advertising, she experimented with techniques of Watercolor, Crayon, and Marker, which prompted her to experiment with oil and acrylic paints.

Throughout her professional life, Eumelia has been developing her style inspired by nature, the beauty and delicacy of women, using different tools that have allowed her to create soft textures and dynamic shapes. Eumelia has successfully exhibited her works in Galleries and Art Fairs in the United States, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, China, and Korea.

Title Deconstruction - Media Mixed Media on Canvas - Size 57 x 34 in

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